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“Thank you for looking after my feet so well, I should be lost without your kind help”      Mrs  P B,   Warminster.

“I must thank you for having the new boots ready for my trip to Berlin, they were a god send.”     Jenny F,  Sevenoaks.

“...I have tried other shoemakers in the past and wasn’t sure whether to come all the way to Chichester but you understood my feet and now I am happy walking...”     Mr David Y,  Cambridge.

“I am writing to thank you for your patient determination, I can’t tell you how much easier my life is...”   Mrs Farmer,  Maidenhead.

“Thanks Paul, I can wear a dress again!”   Mrs Jane K,  Nr Guildford.

“...it’s just bliss not having to worry about how much standing up and walking I’ve got to do when I’m at work.”    Ms T J,   Sittingbourne.

“Your shoes have given me the confidence to get a dog again.”    John  P,  Nottingham.

“I forget about my feet now, the best compliment to a pair of shoes I think.”   Sarah F, Brighton.